Hey, I'm Dane!
Born and raised in the south of England in a little village called Cranleigh and coming from a family of 13 children. I moved to Japan more than 16 years ago. After living for many years in the mountains skiing and snowboarding i moved back to Tokyo more than 10 years ago. This is where i met my wonderful wife Madoka (Japanese) and we started our family (Our Boys Rusty 10 Ralph 7) 
Our love for the the ocean has always been strong & being the owner of www.surfinginjapan.com it was only natural we finally moved out to our dream home a quiet little place right on the beach which is where we run JapanSUP from.
Since then i have been lucky enough to become a Team rider for Laird Stand Up Paddle Boards, airSUP, Slide Fins and have support from many other companies. 
The ocean really is my home now & the way i support my family turning our home into a B&B and SUP Tour destination was a very natural thing to do as we always had friends staying with us or surfers popping in to say hi. 
We pride ourselves on our Location, good food & Great Times. 
Traveling so much on surf trips and photo shoots you really get to meet so many amazing people see different cultures and eat so much great food. giving that same experience to our guests really is satisfying. 
Similar to what we feel about surfing the sport we feel about many things we do in life. "What we learn to do today, we will try to do better tomorrow and perfect in the future"        Surfing not a sport but a lifestyle.

千葉県勝浦市部原1122-4  〒299-5223

TEL: 0470-64-6088
Mob: (ENG) 080-1054-4507 - Dane
Mob: (JPN) 090-5776-9424 - Madoka

Customer Reviews

Trevor - Between morning surf lessons, a mid-day BBQ, an evening SUP tour, and a nighttime onsen visit, my stay at Dane's place was some of the best fun I've had in a single day. He and his family are warm, welcoming folks who are a big part of the small community in which his home is situated. I highly recommend a visit here and suggest getting a surf or SUP lesson too. Dane is not only a fantastic host, but also a great instructor. I'm planning to visit again soon with family.

Miguel - 
Incredible experience here. I was on an adventure through Asia and wanted to surf in Japan. Not knowing much, I was happy to find Dane and had an amazing stay. Incredible host, amazing, heart warming family, you will feel at home and it was the perfect guest house experience. Dane is a world traveler, pro surfer, and all around one of the best human beings you can meet. Oh, and almost forgot, Katsuura is an amazing location too. Be sure to wake up early for the Eastern sunrise

TIM - We had a fantastic time staying at the Surfing in Japan Guest House. Dane and his family were extremely accommodating and went out of their way to look after us. The location is right on the beach so sleeping to the sound of the ocean was a welcome change from central Tokyo! We took full advantage of the activities on offer including flatwater & wave SUP tours, a visit to the local onsen spa and tasty BBQs in the garden along with the other guests

Trey - Dane and family were great hosts. The accommodations were exactly what we expected. The big surprise was how close we were to the beach. The surf was small, but we had a great time at the break right in front of Denny's (yes, there is a Denny's). I hadn't been a longboard in over 15 years but had a great session, and the locals were super cool. We did a SUP tour in a fishing cove with Dane and a local, Kodai, and it was lots of fun, informative, and beautiful.

John - Had an awesome time at Dane's. The spot - you walk out of the room, into Dane's backyard, and then onto a great beach with waves. Doesn't get better than that. House was very nice. The activities - SUP tour was super fun at a great beach/bay I would never made it to. The onsen was awesome, japanese spa madness. Dane had plenty of nice surfboards & wetsuits to rent. 


Brett B - Dane is a great host and also a well known Stand Up Paddle / Surfing instructor and guide. His knowledge of the Chiba area is extensive and you'll be sure to have a good stay with him and his family while in Japan!

Dave - What an amazing place, having never travelled to Japan before I could not have hoped for a better time or better guide to enjoy what the country has to offer. Dane and his family were brilliant, helping me whenever they could with my travel plans, understanding what I wanted to do and thus helping me to achieve this, no mean feat when in a place where there is not a western culture. 

Danny - Great spot in beautiful mainland Japan!! I always enjoy my time surfing in Chiba!! :)